Gene Simmons Actual LIVE-STAGE Played AXE or Punisher
given to you right from the stage after the DEMON himself bleeds, sweats and spits on it!

If you want your very own authentic stage played Axe™ or Punisher™ Bass,
contact Paul Hayeland at

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Gene Simmons AXE Experience, created by GSAXE owner, Thomas Anderson.

Tom is a High End KISS collector who has bought different Gene Simmons Basses from GSAXE. This particular Gene Simmons Stage Played AXE was personally delivered to his house in London Ontario Canada by The Gene Simmons AXE Bus Team. These are some of the GSAXE Perks only a few clients get to have.

Get your own Gene Simmons AXE or Punisher by calling Paul Hayeland to order yours now for the upcoming KISS tour.

The GSAXE Experience is an event of lifetime!


After years of wanting an Axe bass, What better way to get one then an Axe that is handed to me by the very man himself! This is the only way to go! Gene takes his time, signing autographs, telling you about the instruments, the artwork, and anything you want to talk about. He really is LARGER than LIFE! The whole experience was phenomenal I play my basses, but even on the wall of my KISScave, they are works of art.

Thank you: Gene, Paul H. & Billy for making this possible!

Steve Burdick


Dear Gene,

I have followed KISS and have always wanted to meet my hero Gene Simmons. I was able to meet you by the awesome meet and greet at July 2010 Pittsburgh show when I purchased the Punisher Bass. The time that you spent to talk with me, along with the pictures we took together will forever remain one of the highlights of my life. Because of the time you take out of your busy schedule on a show night, as you did with me is one of the main reasons I recommend to others who have ever even thought of getting one of your basses that they should without question. Because of how impressed I was with my experience in Pittsburgh, I also decided to purchase the AXE Bass to add to my collection. In Cleveland, 2010, I was able to meet you once again! Amazingly, you remembered that I had purchased the Punisher in Pittsburgh and, you also remembered my name which made me feel humble. I will Forever cherish the amount of time you spent with me in Cleveland! I want to add that Paul Hayeland was very helpful in making the experience all that I could have ever asked for it to be. From the first email, he was awesome with keeping me updated and called me on more than one occasion to make sure everything was proceeding to my liking. I was surprised when he called me 3 days after the Pittsburgh show to make sure I was happy with my bass and meeting you; that in itself shows he cares for the customer. In closing, I have to say that the experience was so positive that I will be buying a stage played AXE from you in the very near future. I am also a bass player and can say 100% that the Punisher and AXE Basses are top quality and sound awesome. For anyone that wants an experience of a lifetime, who collects guitars, and wants to meet Gene Simmons should not hesitate. From meeting Gene, the basses, and the time with Paul Hayeland there is no reason not to buy a Punisher or AXE bass.

Thank You,

Carl R Butcher


Dear GS AXE,

We wanted to write you and thank you for the Gene Simmons Bass and Backstage Meet and Greet! It was everything you could possibly dream about and more! My brother and I have always wanted to meet Gene Simmons and personally thank him for what he has meant to us. Meeting Gene was fantastic! He knows you are nervous, but he makes you relax and have a great time. All of the GS AXE staff were very professional and helpful throughout every step of the meet and greet. From Gene’s Assistant, Paul who schedules the meet and greets and tells you where to be and at what time to Billy who helps with taking the photos of the meet and greet experience.

In these tuff economic times, it nice to feel like you got your moneys’ worth; and, you do with the Gene Simmons Meet and Greet experience. Not only do you have the memories, photos, and videos of the meet and greet, you also get a prized souvenir: A Gene Simmons Axe or Punisher personally numbered and autographed to you; along with a limited edition custom painted case personally autographed to you as well! This meet and greet experience was so good that we are planning to do another one on the “Monster” tour and on the Kiss Kruise II. We highly recommend buying the Bass and Backstage Meet and Greet, and we promise you will not be disappointed!


John and Jamie Downs


At 11:30 a.m. I arrived at Paul Hayeland’s hotel with Any (Annie) my wife, my two kids Santiago & Sofia, and my sister, Ximena. We spoke allot with Paul; he is a very nice guy!!

Later on, we followed Paul to the AT&T Center; as we didn’t know exactly where we should go. Here is when the best part of my dream just started. We got to the AT&T Center where KISS’s staff goes to enter and we parked behind the stage. Soon after the Gene Simmons’s bus arrived, that had all of the A & E, Gene’s Punisher and Axe bass logos, and everything on it. As soon as the bus parked we were invited in.

Then, for the first time that day, I saw the AXE Bass, laying in the case, shiny and new, waiting for the best to come! I started to think: This bass will be a real piece of rock history after Gene plays it on stage! One of the biggest rock stars of all times, the co-founder of KISS, the most emblematic bassist will sign and play this for me!! And, I will have this bass at home, WOW!!! A few select group of people have the chance to have this kind of thing, and now I am one of those lucky guys! I really admire Gene because not only can he be very successful with business selling almost anything & everything, but also because he likes to share this kind of experiences with his fans.

Finally, Gene arrived at the bus. With a very good sense of humor he said bHib to my kids, my wife and my sister. Then, Gene signed some of my collectibles for me; and, then I gave him a couple of rare Mexican vintage KISS collectibles. Gene saw some pictures from my collection; which is not as big as his but I have over 1,000 KISS collectibles.

After that, he finally signed the Axe; he wrote Acuna, I rocked this AXE for you, San Antonio, TX 09-19-2010. A rush of emotion ran through my veins; that was it, for the second time in my life, I was with Gene! This time he signed his Axe for me and then he will play it on stage, signed! A real dream comes true! At this point, I realize that I didn’t buy just an AXE bass; I just lived the greatest experience in my life! Gene and his company know how to make dreams come true!

A couple of hours later we saw Gene again in full costume and makeup. We took some pictures with him again; and, soon after, the Hottest Show on Earth was about to start. This was also the first KISS concert for Santiago my 4 ½ years old boy and Sofia my 3 years old girl. So far, I didn’t know if they were going to like it or not, maybe it will be too loud for them or something, but what a surprise, they sang and danced to every song!!

After Gene played the AXE bass during I Love it Loud and then he spit blood all over it, Paul gave me the bass so I could keep it safe in my possession. What was left was to watch the remainder of the show.

I really have to say thank you! to all of you guys for how we were treated that night, but special thanks to: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Paul Hayeland, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer, and Doc McGhee!! It was the most exciting night ever for all of us!

Thanks Again! I will see you again at Mexico in the next few days!


Rodrigo Acuna