Gene Simmons Actual LIVE-STAGE Played AXE or Punisher
given to you right from the stage after the DEMON himself bleeds, sweats and spits on it!

If you want your very own authentic stage played Axe™ or Punisher™ Bass,
contact Paul Hayeland at

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For A Limited Time…

Gene Simmons has authorized his Custom Bass Maker to custom design the Gene Simmons original AXE™ Bass and Punisher™ Bass for an original edition series of incredible Chrome, Gold Plated, Studded, Clear and Vintage designs . The Gene Simmons Axe™ and Punisher™ Basses are the iconic instruments in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. Gene Simmons Basses are made of the highest quality and integrity that rivals no other. These uniquely designed demon creations will be available to the public for a short period of time. Gene Simmons will personally autograph your bass any way you like. Order yours now and get a piece of Gene Simmons Rock ‘n’ Roll history.